Welcome to The Fountain Gate Church

An Apostolic Christian community that is committed to the task of refreshing lives to transform Nations.

James and Dr. Lucy are ordained and licensed ministers of the Gospel who received their ministry callings in mid 1980s. They have ministered extensively in Eastern Africa and other Nations, in conferences, crusades and leadership seminars.

They have fathered FGC since the beginning. They have a great grace for Apostolic/Prophetic ministry. Their greatest passion is to raise and send sons and daughters in the ministry.
They are involved in apostolic outreach, leadership development and equipping of ministers.

James and Dr Lucy are happily married and have three lovely daughters, Jewel, Joanna and Juanita. They live in Nairobi, the capital city of KENYA (E.A).

The church of the last days is an elevated church and the Nations are coming in to learn God ways. We desire to be this kind of a church which is developed through flexible biblical structures or “wineskins” where the Holy Spirit is allowed to work freely without being hindered by the old religious mentality hinged on old experiences, set rules and regulations.

We seek to work beyond denominational limitations and vices, which have delayed the advancement of the kingdom of God. We seek to be part of a worldwide network of ministers and churches for effective equipping of the church. We seek for excellence in life and godliness by the power of the Holy Ghost.