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Beloved, we are so delighted to share with you the vision, mission, ministry strategy and structure of Fountain Gate International Church

Vision & Mission

Our vision is to “raise a diligent apostolic Christian community that is committed to the task of refreshing the church to influence the nations.”

“Fountain Gate International Church exists to bring an apostolic impact in the church and among the Nations by helping to lay biblical foundations through training of leaders, strategic evangelism, church planting, equipping the saints and apostolic oversight.”

Ministry Strategy

We are committed to equipping all the saints so as to discover their God-given gifts, grace and faith and we encourage all the members to fulfil their ministries ( Col. 4:17, Eph.4:11-16).


Flexibility shall remain the core characteristic of our structure in order to allow the Holy Spirit to work without being hindered by old mentalities. We seek to work beyond denominational limitations which have delayed the advancement of the kingdom of God. We seek to be part of a worldwide family of ministers and churches for effective equipping of the body of Christ ( Luke 5:36-39)