Pastoral Ministry

dr-lucyThis ministry is geared towards the discipleship, care, nurture and shepherding of the saints. It has three major components:-
1. Zone fellowships
2. Pastoral visits
3. Pastoral counseling

Zone fellowships
Fountain Gate Church has its members hailing from different parts of the City. To enhance effective ministry to all, the members are divided into zones depending on their respective residencies. Currently, the church has seven zones that cover the entire city and its peripheries.
The zone fellowships are led by gifted leaders and able ministers. These leaders work together with the core leadership team in pastoring the flock. All the zone fellowships meet at least once a month for a time of fellowship and strengthening their personal relationships. All the church members are encouraged to identify with these fellowships especially for personalized ministry.

Importance of zone fellowships
– Gives an environment that encourages individual growth as a function of the corporate growth.
– Encourages accountability from all the members
– Enhances personal relationships and effective personalized ministry.
– Enables all the members to find a smaller family where their gifts and talents can be nurtured and exercised.
– Gives the larger body cohesion and fosters unity among members.
– Enables the church to be able to address some of the social needs among the members.
– Offers more ministry opportunities for the growing leaders and ministers.

Pastoral Counselling
Pastoral counselling and care is an important ingredient in church life. These services are available from the leadership team under Isaac and Mercy Munuria who are devoted to this ministry. Counseling sessions can always be arranged with any leader during working hours by calling our office.

Pre Marital Counselling
This is available to all young people who are preparing for marriage. The sessions are offered on Thursdays from 6.00 pm to 7.30 pm.
The following topics are covered during the counselling sessions:
– Basic understanding of the marriage covenant
– Relating with parents and in-laws
– Family and finances
– Communication in marriage
– Family life and ministry
– Forgiveness in marriage
– Familiarity in marriage
– Solving conflicts
– Spiritual growth in marriage
– Raising godly children
– Sex relationship in marriage